Commercial Test

The Agency I did this sample for does their own sound, so I just threw in a simple track so it would have something. All the voices are me - sorry.

- Each 3D character took about a week to model, UV Map, paint and rig. Then phonemes had to be built for each mouth shape so they could talk.

- Then comes animating each character, frame by frame. So a few seconds of animation could take days to animate.

- Last comes RENDERING.  And rendering means “quality of image.”  I have over fifty hours of render time in this, and that’s using a two computer render farm.  But, considering PIXAR will spend up to 90 hours rendering one single frame (that’s 1\30th of a second,) my fifty hours isn’t bad.  The trick is finding a balance between time spent and quality.

The good news is, now that the characters are built, they can be re-used over and over. And posed any way you want for your Print needs .

Here’s an easy way to create your own 3D caricatures:
Just show the computer a picture of whomever you want to model, press a button and seconds later it’s ready to go.   Shah!!!  YOU WISH!

I’ve studied traditional portraiture (painting portraits by hand) since I was a kid, so that makes capturing a likeness a little easier.

Just imagine building these models with a chicken wire frame, paper macheing it, then painting. That’s what building a 3D model is like.

If you think your paper mache model would look like crap, so would your 3D model.

Have fun.

Posing pose2posed adventure

Here is an actual still from the animation, just to give you an idea on resolution.

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