My first 2D animation …

… and the Independent Film Channel picked it up! Crazy huh?

Watch for it on their series MEDIA LAB.

I have nothing against the online dating giant or people hooking up online, I’m just having a little fun with their commercial, and I could do the same with most commercials I see. (and I will be)

Who knows, maybe it will help them make better ad spots. Satire is healthy. I’m here to help. :)

And let me clarify:  when I say first animation, I mean the first I had planned, storyboarded, scripted and done voice over for.  Everything I had done prior you can see on my 2006 demo reel.  It’s all mostly just tests, but it was a start :)

Now I’m focusing on the classic animation movement, setting up shots and all the little nuances that bring a drawing to life.

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