Dodge Sample

This isn’t a finished commercial. It’s pieces from a script which will be combined with a new voice over track, narration, music, backdrops and an animation by another company of a huge block that gets chopped, then splits.

What was new for me in this piece was lateral movement, pointing and kicking towards the camera. It might look cute and simple, but their are over 75 different parts hand drawn for each character. Just think of every word spoken, blink of the eye, turn of the head or body and on and on.

It’s crazy to think that one “three second scene” can take a solid week of planning, drawing, animating then tweaking, just to get the motion right. Just look at the credits of any animated movie or even your favorite saturday toon, you’ll see up to a hundred names of animators it took.

This twenty seconds took almost a month to complete, but now that all the parts are drawn, things should go faster from here. Until the next script calls for something else.

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