Time for a New 3D App

Up to this point I’ve been using Cinema 4D, which I liked, to a degree. It’s great for modeling - that’s it. The renders are so so, but the time line and animation features are very cumbersome.

Cinema 4d came out with an update that was suppose to improve some of these features, but it seems I bought from them one month to early, so even after I called and talked to them about it, they said NO UPDATE FOR YOU! YOU MUST PAY FOR A FULL UPDATE!! They won the battle, but lost a customer. Moral of the story: If you want to buy Cinema 4d, keep waiting one month.
So … after evaluating all the major and minor 3D apps out there, I’ve decided to go with an open source 3D package called Blender.

Here’s why:

  • Blender has high end features and plugins comparable to apps costing thousands.
  • You’re not stuck with one render engine. And more new and amazing engines are popping up all the time.
  • Great support from fellow users
  • Bottom line, it works great, it’s very flexible and plays well with my other apps, and the price is right. It’s FREE! (open source)

Check it out at www.blender.org (be warned, it’s not for the faint of heart. The layout is very weird, but you get use to it)

There is a little package out there called HASH ANIMATION MASTER. Not only is it under $1,500, it’s under 300! The main reason I was interested is when I took a peak at their user gallery (good indicator) I saw tons of projects made by users, and some of these I had seen as TV commercials. National spots had been made with this tiny app, and one guy’s animated short was so good, Pixar called him up and offered him a job. Nice. (check them out at www.hash.com)

Based on that, I probably would have gone with Animation Master, but they don’t have a demo, which always tells me something is wrong. Get a demo guys.

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