Matte Painting Sample of Santa Fe

Here’s the before …

Matte Painting before

… and the after …

Santa Fe Matte Painting Sample-3

I added an evil lair up on the mountain high just for giggles. And considering those peaks would be about thirty thousand footers, the “lair” would be one of the largest pads on the planet. And then the pre-historic tropical rainforest makes for an interesting drive by.

So now I’ll explain, when shooting a movie or commercial or whatever, you don’t always get the scenery you want. Here’s where I come in. I can take your footage, match the camera movement and lay in a 3D version of whatever scenery you need.

And here’s one mistake I made: the shadows cast by the Palms don’t match up. Look at the direction and length of the car’s shadows. But don’t worry, it would be an easy fix.

I could keep going and add an inland sea, ten thousand marching robots and a breeze to make the palms sway, then do an seven second fly through that leads up to the Lair - but you get the idea. I bet the guys driving by hope the light changes - fast.

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