Surreal 3D

I don’t know what’s going on here, but I like the feel. Plus, nurses and UFOs add to any scene.

So Real

I like this look OR I could “make do” with it because it’s sparse and renders fast. And rendering time is a huge consideration for animators. So what is rendering? It’s the time it takes the computer to “finalize” a 3D image.

For example: If you’ve seen a Pixar movie, you’ve seen some heavy rendering! Just think: one second of film is made up of 24 individual frames or pictures and each one of those frames has to be rendered.

So how long does rendering take? From a few seconds to like … ninety hours. Let’s see, if one second has 24 frames, and each of those frames takes hours to render, and a movie has an average of 5,400 seconds … it could take a while. But that’s why there are “render farms.” What’s a render farm? Hundreds of computers linked together, sharing the load of rendering.

My “render farm” is more like a garden, or better yet a potted plant, but it gets the job done for me.

So the next time you see a cute little 3D character in a movie or commercial, you’ll have an idea how much time and effort went into “cute.”


leopard header


anim box background

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