New Movie Trailer Test

*sound byte sample from sounddogs - clip for demo only.

Who says farmers can’t dance?

What you’re seeing is live action recorded from a dancer and then applied to my 3d model. He’s warming up for an appearance in a new movie trailer spoof I’m working on.

Humble beginnings.


After some rough sketches, he begins to take shape. These are then used as patterns. I can pull them into my 3D modeling program where I start building the mesh.

And here is the wireframe of my mesh. It’s like building a paper mache model over wire.


After the mesh is built, it has to be “textured” or painted. At this point he looks right, but he can’t move or talk, so now it has to be “rigged” or given an actual skeleton. Believe me, there’s just no “gimme” step in this whole process.

This model took me two years to complete. Just kidding. But it does take up to a week or more depending on the complexity of the model.

final still

So anyway, he’s still not finished, but this should at least give you an idea. And I can tell you it’s really weird to see your idea go from a sketch to a goof dancing around like that.

And the last step - the hardest. Phoneme morphs have to be made so your character can speak. That means the face mesh has to be shapped into an “o” mouth and an “a” mouth and an “f” mouth, etc …

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